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i spy with my little eye

Are you looking for extraordinary images for your TV program or a presentation? Please take a look-aroundin my updates and filmography! You will probably find a suiteable suggestion there.

Are you a manufacturer, event organizer or team manager? Would you like to get a meaningful video presentation which is different from normal standards? Are you planning an extraordinary expedition with a sportive character and you wish to have an exciting video documentation? Just contact me and let me submit you an offer for a production.

Are you an athlet practising an exceptional and spectacular sport that barely anybody knows? Are you interested in getting publicity for your sport? Just send me an e-mail best with a significant action and portrait photo each. Maybe I am looking for exactly you for a video production as I am permanently seaching for new, remarkeable topics!

Are you a musician and do you play solo or in a band? Do you own or work for a record label? Are you interested in presenting and spreading your art in a new, exciting way in the public? I am steadily searching for good music of all styles to expand my music archive to set my films to music!


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