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i spy with my little eye
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This well known children´s game reflects exactly what we have lost in our serious, adult world: the ability of going through life naively and with open eyes, to sense things open-minded. We take certain things for granted without verifying if they are fact or not. We are getting blinded by our common sense and our experience of life. We are looking without observing. What do we notice? What we see or what we expect to see?
There is no such experience in childlike curiosity, because an adolescent comprehension is still developping. As a result of what a child can see with his own eyes. Unlike adults, a child always does a double take.

At one of my video productions in Nepal/ Tibet I saw “Buddha´s eyes” on many of the local pagodas. They pleased me so much that I took them back to Germany as an inspiration for my logo. Even though I am not a religious person, I experienced Buddhism as a pleasant and peaceful philosophy of life, always inquisitive and open for new impulses. Just like children´s eyes.

Some people sometimes see me as a “big child”. I am taking this as a compliment, because oftentimes I wish I was still as naive as back then when I still was a “real child”. Children can be mercilessly ingenuous and straight. In my documentaries I am claiming to show reality instead of fulfilling prefabricated expectations, clichés.

I spy with my little eye!