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Since 1981 I am dealing with professional photo- & videogaphy focussing on extreme, outdoor and fun sports. Before 1996 I was basically reporting for international snowboarding print magazines (photographs and words), thereafter I started videography, mainly for German television.

The affinity to extreme, outdoor and fun sports goes back to my own athletic background: Being one of the German snowboard pioneers I have traced the whole development of this ancient trend sport to an olympic sport for the masses, starting from 1987 when we were not yet allowed to use ski lifts. I am still entering some crazy events and races. That helps me, as a video producer, to put myself in my protagonists´ position. The comprehension for the active sport which I want to record is an important qualification to give the passive viewer an understanding of this sport by means of two-dimensional images. It´s just like in school: how can a tutor teach a subject that he doesn´t understand?
That´s why I am limiting my productions basically to extreme, outdoor and fun sports.

Many of my video productions take place in free nature. Reaching some of those locations sometimes requires maximum possible physical and mental skills. That´s why I always preferred compact, professional camcorders (DV and HDV). These cameras deliver, despite their compact size and light weight, brilliant images – if professionally operated.
Currently I am filming on a Canon DSLR based system (Canon EOS-1D C, EOS 70D, Powershot G16). I Decided to switch to big sensor DSLR cameras because of their amazing image quality in combination with the option to take fully professional still photographs with one and the same equipment. Furthermore, the EOS-1D C is future-proof because it supports 4k video (so-called "UHD").

If not explictly elsewise requested I generally produce exclusively on my own equipment. Opposite to rental equipment this offers some essential benefits: Especially for expeditions far aside civilisation the perfect interaction of all equipment components is absolutely vital for a successful production. That starts with a proper packing (such as for the transport on a plane or as protection against dust and water), continues with a consistently working electric power supply and ends with a reliable functional efficiency on location (like “how does the camera work at arctic temperatures?”).

One of my outstanding specialities are my “onboard shots”: I have gained long lasting experience with onboard cameras (so-called “lipstick cameras” and mini modules), many of my fastening systems are my own inventions and some have been already worldwide copied (one was my backpack camera system which I first used in the mid nineties). With these systems I am producing amazing perspectives which my clients very much appreciate and which are a highlight in every production. This is especially attractive for displaying fast and spectacular sports to allow the viewer to understand complex motion sequences and to put him in the athlete´s position.