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Expeditions are more and more taking significance in my work. The curiosity for the unknown pulls me on big worldwide expeditions almost once a year. Even though the exotic of the countries and people as well as the flora and fauna attract me most, almost all these ventures have an athletic background. For the future I would also like to turn towards ethonological topics.

Being located beyond the standards that we use to claim as valid in our society, requires alot of empathy. Many times your own hand and feet are the only means to communicate with foreign people. If dealing with animals this even deprives us of these instruments.
The greatest gift you gan get, no matter if from a human or animal, is confidence. This confidence directly affects the images you bring back home, back to our world.

Video productions in remote areas frequently confront expedition filmers with apparently irresolvable challenges: Where can I get electricity, far aside human civilisation? How can I best protect myself and my electronic equipment from extreme weather conditions?

Most expeditions only have limited production facilities for comprehensible reasons (budget, few resources and space). At this point I can take benefit of the compact size of my video equipment. Using it wisely I am able to produce flexibly and cost-efficiently as a “one-man-team” and casually I can even cover editorial work.

During the past years I could collect priceless experiences at numerous expeditions. Wether at more than +40°C in the Sahara, at less than -40°C in the Arctic or at more than 10.000 m altitude in a hot-air balloon: I can always find a suiteable solution for for newly appearing problems – if not already on location by improvisation I will have it ready for the next production!